A perfectionist let loose

Each time I pick up my Kindle, I’m torn between checking my own book for spelling and formatting mistakes, and reading a nice trashy series. The latter started to win me over, until a walk in the park cleared my head and made me realise that my own book was pretty important.

As I hadn’t cast my eyes over my work for at least a couple of weeks, it was like reading it from new again, and you know what, I love it!

I keep putting myself back in those depressed shoes from my days of self-harming, and imagining that I had turned to my book for help. Naturally I will be bias because I’ve slaved over it for yonks, but I genuinely believe that this book can help.

What I’ve also discovered, is that not all publishers take style as seriously as I do – which has really surprised me. In the series I’ve been reading, the start tag is always in the wrong place, the TOC doesn’t work on all of the books, the covers are missing, and some of them don’t even have proper chapter headings – The title just sort of clings to the top left-hand corner like it was waiting to be discovered. Urgh!

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