Life as a Frugi Crusader – my first review

As a newly recruited ‘Frugi Crusader’, I’m going to be distracting myself by reviewing all things Frugi in 2013.

FrugiDressFirst up, this gorgeous baby body dress, which you can buy for £12.75 if you use the discount code ROCCO (15% off full price items and free P&P).

I am pretty sure this was selected as my ‘random’ item of clothing to review, because I had already mentioned to Frugi that it looked to be the only item of clothing in their new range that would fit over a Pavlik harness.

Our little girl was in said harness for 6 weeks when she was just under 2 months old. It happened to be the summer (just about), and so we were quite lucky that most days she could simply wear a vest. Had this particular Frugi dress been available back then, it would have been perfect. The built-in vest fits brilliantly over a cloth nappy, and the little skirt is loose enough to then cover the frogs legs nicely. Cloth nappies help hold the legs in a better position for the hips too, so we wanted to continue with them even when the Pavlik harness was fitted, but this did make our quest for suitable clothing just that tiny bit harder – not many companies cut their clothes with enough room for the extra ‘bulk’. Frugi do. Our girl happens to love playing ‘Peekaboo’ with the skirt, so it doubles as a little distraction for her when on the change mat.

As with all Frugi items, the fabric is excellent quality (all Organic cotton) and feels as though it could be washed and washed, then washed again – and never lose shape or colour. Our little girl will grow out of her Frugi clothes well before they look tired and used. And if we have another baby, these hand-me-downs will still be looking brand new – Fab!

The only thing I would personally change is the envelope neck – perhaps swapped out for some girly buttons or simple poppers. Whilst this kind of neckline is fab and easy when you have a newborn, with a bigger – more active baby, they can quickly end up sporting an off-the-shoulder look. Fasteners would just keep the dress in place better when baby is rolling around on the floor trying to eat the carpet, and wouldn’t make it any harder to put the dress on now that baby can hold their own head up.

As you can see from the photos, we’ve layered it up for the colder weather with a long-sleeved vest underneath, and tights over the bottom. The dress is still a little bit big for our girl (aged 11 months – clothing size is 12-18 months) but this is the size we chose because it will fit her perfectly in spring – when she can wear it on its own, as intended. The dress is therefore a little bit gapey at the crotch and wide around her tummy, but I think it would be spot on in a few months – maybe a teeny bit wide still.

Overall, a beautiful, quality item from Frugi that is well worth the price (especially if you use the 15% off ROCCO discount code).


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