Why sewing is such a super distraction

Back when I was still pregnant over a year ago…. Wait, where did that time go!?!
So yes, quite some time ago I saw this cute little flat bear on Celtic and Co


I wanted him! – but £45? Gosh.. that seemed a lot for teddy roadkill.

Instead, I bought some of this (sheepskin offcuts): –Offcuts

and started work on making my own cuddly toy for our baby-to-be.

Now this was meant to be a gift I gave her when she was born – a bear to snuggle up next to inside the hospital cot. I had dreams of it becoming her favourite toy for years to come, and I could smile and say ‘I made that for you and you loved it from the day you were born.’

But, oh boy – was this stuff hard to sew!

Of course I’m using totally the wrong needles, thread that keeps snapping, and eyes that I had no idea how to attach! My fingers feel as though I’d cheese-grated them, and I’m covered in little pin pricks from where I couldn’t see the needle through the wool. Needless to say, this panda has taken me far longer than it should have done, as pregnant ladies have far more things to worry about!

One year later and I’m back at it, trying to get the damn thing ready for her first birthday on Wednesday – Yup, I’ve got 2 more nights to finish the body, add some legs, sew the head on, and hope the thing doesn’t fall apart the minute she gets her teeth into it.

What I have come to realise is that sewing is such a perfect distraction from depression. You find yourself thinking ‘just one more stitch, no.. just one more and *then* I’ll go to bed.’ You truly can get totally lost in making something, and before you know it hours have passed and you’ve not had time to think those melancholy thoughts. Unlike me, if you start with something a bit more simple, it may even take you less than a year to finish it!

Hand on heart, I recommend finding yourself a little sewing project for evenings when there is nothing on T.V, everyone is busy, and you feel too lethargic to move from the sofa. Who cares how long it takes to finish whatever you are making! It’s all about the journey.

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