Sunshine at last

Yesterday snow, today sunshine!

The weather sure is curious, but I’m not complaining. One of the best distractions I can ever recommend is to get outside. On a sunny day like today, it takes just that tiny bit less effort. That is, it’s so much easier to be inspired when the weather is nice like this.


It may be just because I’ve had to put up with all our washing in the living room for several months, but I find it really satisfying to hang wet clothes (and cloth nappies) in the garden. When I bring them in late afternoon to find they are almost dry already, it really gives me a sense of achievement. It sounds silly and almost too simple doesn’t it? but this is the very point. The most simplistic ideas are often the ones that are the very best.

Today I urge you all to get the washing machine on, go for a walk, or simply go and stand outside for a few minutes. Our garden is still in a total mess, but just standing out there with the warm sun on my face – it is a lovely cosy feeling that cannot be ignored.

And as always, no matter how difficult these suggestions sound, please know that the strength is in you – it just needs a little encouragement.

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