Simple, slow-cooked Thai curry recipe

Depression often makes me feel like I can’t find the energy to prepare a decent meal – and so I end up eating rubbish. Cooking is such a cathartic distraction though, and slow cookers make the most wonderful, easy meals for times when you know you can’t face longer periods in the kitchen.

The other night I chucked a few ingredients together in the hope for an OK meal, but what we actually got was a totally scrumptious dinner – result!

For anyone else needing some inspiration to give the slow cooker a go, here is what I did: –

Ingredients (4 portions)

Half a bag of Waitrose Thai mix (frozen) 
A tablespoon or so (each) of frozen shallots and garlic
One pack of chicken breasts – cut into smallish chunks
One tablespoon of fish sauce
One red pepper – chopped
400ml tin of coconut milk
Drizzle of cooking oil
Optional – thickening granules (or flour)


Fry the Thai mix, shallots and garlic in some cooking oil until they start to go brown – I used part toasted sesame seed oil and part olive oil. Add the chicken and pepper, then cook for a couple of minutes until the outside of the meat is ‘sealed’. Add the fish sauce and coconut milk and mix until everything is well coated. Finally, transfer to the slow cooker. Cook on low for roughly 9 hours, or as per your slow cooker instructions. Optional – if you prefer the sauce to be less runny, spoon 3 or 4 ladles of the liquid into a pan and bring to the boil. Add some thickening granules (or flour) and mix until it forms a sort of thick paste. Mix this back into the curry and serve with rice.

The finished product – Yummy!



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