The great Frugi craft project

Last week Frugi announced a little competition for this year’s crusaders (of which I am one). They have really gone for the jugular with this one – a craft project (my first weakness) to win one of their gorgeous baby tee’s (my second weakness). Of course I started on it straight away, not realising that making ‘art’ with a 13-month-old takes a lot of patience over several days – just as well I started early!

Here’s how it all went down…

Day 1 – We made a wet splodge of pink ‘paint’ (a Faber Castell Albrecht Durer pencil patch made wet with good old fashioned plain water – nothing but the best!). We painted this onto Willow’s palm, and encouraged her to make a handprint.



Day 2 – Mummy helped Willow hold a grey pencil, and we coloured in the shape of our raccoon. By ‘coloured’ I mean vigorously scratched the pencil left and right, and by ‘in’ I mean in the rough shape of some kind of blobby creature.



Day 2 (second sitting) – After a fidget break, we used a wet paintbrush to blend the grey splodge into a slightly more raccoon-ish shape. Willow wasn’t overly interested in helping with this bit, but did enjoy holding our master picture to make sure I knew what we were working towards.



Day 3 – Once our watercolour masterpiece was dry, we used a grey Faber Castell Pitt pen (lucky I have all this stuff eh!). This formed the stripes and eye ‘mask’ on our raccoon.



Day 3 (after hours) – Once Willow was in bed, I sneakily added the bird’s wing, raccoon’s eyes, nose and tummy, and a bit of outline to give them both definition. You can’t see it here, but some of this is 3D – Woo!



Day 4 – It was back over to Willow again this morning, with another watercolour pencil splodge. This time we used a sponge for easy application of the yellow.. urm.. sky?



Day 4 (part 2) – Willow decided (ahem) that the yellow wasn’t colourful enough, so we used some bright yellow washi tape to liven things up.



Day 4 (moments later) – We both agreed that the background was missing something, and whilst searching for some baby-friendly paint, we actually rediscovered our glitter glue pens. Unfortunately the lighter blue had glued itself shut, so we opted for a darker one instead.



Day 4 (we really went for it today) – After another fidget break, we moved to the floor and used my Sizzix die-cutting machine to create some foliage for our raccoon to hide behind. (This also hid the fact that I didn’t cut old raccoon’s tummy long enough to reach the bottom of the page!) Willow wasn’t overly impressed with the machine itself, and decided to pull a face-wipe off the washing line behind us to suck on (that is what is balanced on her left knee). She did, however, enjoy popping out the little card cutouts.



Day 4 (yep, definitely a good day for crafting) – Full steam ahead, it was back up to the dinner table to blob on some flowers with my Pitt pens.



Still Day 4 (not even a break in-between!) – Back on the floor again, and Willow demanded we re-look at the washi tape. This time a thin, plain green one – that spun very nicely on her hand. It also made some good flower stems.



Day 5 – After another bit of late night mummy editing, we finally have our finished product. It’s a bit of a miss-mash, but still a lovely first bit of craft for Willow to look back at. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many more, although I’m not looking forward to the day when I find Willow chomping ravenously on my beloved Faber Castell sets!



As I’ve probably mentioned many times before, craft really is a wonderful distraction from depression, no matter what the finished product ends up like. The cathartic fun is all in the making, which is why I really encourage you to give it a go.


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