E45 body lotion – my review

Ever grateful for new products to try out (a good excuse for a distraction), I signed up for the latest campaign with BzzAgent. It was to try out the body lotion from E45 – one for normal skin and one for mature skin. As it was my birthday on Friday, I decided that the latter was most suitable for my ever-aging skin, and so this is the one I’ve been using for the last few weeks.

Now ordinarily I’m quite fussy with beauty products – generally sticking to brands I know and usually can’t afford very often! Sadly we’ve hit a time when money is the tightest it’s ever been, so I’ve been more open to suggestions of other branded products. E45 is not normally one I’d consider, but I have to admit I’ve been thoroughly impressed. Whilst this sample was free from BzzAgent, I would seriously consider buying myself another bottle when it runs out, even when it is up against my normal product – this is a very good sign!

My biggest concern was that the more mainstream brands often have strong scents, and generally leave my skin feeling itchy or oily. It’s just the experience I’ve had in the past, and so have tended to opt for fragrance-free lotions designed for sensitive skin. I was pleased to discover that the E45 ‘Nourish & Restore’ lotion had a lovely, clean, subtle fragrance (and wasn’t sickly sweet or overbearing). It’s classed as being ‘lightly fragranced’, which in the past I would have avoided.

E45The best thing about this body lotion is that it rubs in easily and leaves my skin feeling soft without being greasy. The smell was subtle enough that I feel clean and moisturised without being clogged up, and I also don’t feel that I have this constant fragrance following me around (like someone who has sprayed on too much deodorant or perfume).

So far I’ve just been applying this in the morning only, and by the evening my skin is still feeling great – no dry or itchy patches. Again, I can’t say the same for other brands, which sometimes have to be reapplied during the day. It’s been 5 hours since I put this on my body this morning, and if I put my nose to my arm I can still smell the very gentle fragrance. It’s really pleasant and not too strong, so I think they’ve got the balance just right here.

I love that it’s not thick or oily, and also that you don’t have to use loads just to get a decent coverage. Although a very minor point, it’s also great that the bottle is one that you can actually get the lotion out easily – No banging it upside down against the bed or squeezing so hard you hurt your arm!

Overall, a great success and I’m very happy to have been given the chance to test it!


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