Testing the new Plum pouches

When we first started weaning Willow, (that sounds like a tongue twister already!) Plum pouches were top on our list of ‘must-haves’ because I love the fact that the ingredients list is so simple. Although we quickly moved onto baby-led-weaning style finger foods (I prefer my own made-up term ‘feeding with common sense’) I do still buy pouches for days when mummy and daddy want to eat something unsuitable – like chinese takeaway or pizza.

When Plum asked their fans on Facebook for some people to test out their new savoury varieties, I jumped at the chance. Although Willow is well past the official ‘stage 1′ there is nothing to say that older babies can’t have these mixed in with some pasta, as a sauce over meat, fish and veg, or simply off a spoon as a main meal or snack. Willow seems to regress to more simple foods when she’s not feeling 100%, so they are perfect for those occasions. We do give here some other bits and bobs if she has these for a main meal – just to ensure she has enough.

Day 1

So this is exactly what we did – we fed her the first pouch from a spoon for lunch, while we had soup. This was a broccoli & apple pouch with 60% organic apple, 20% organic broccoli, water, organic quinoa flakes, & organic lemon juice concentrate. That’s it – no salt, sugar or other words I can’t even pronounce. Just simple, healthy ingredients that happen to be pureed.

Now I must admit that we are not usually a fan of purees – simply because Willow likes to ‘get stuck in’ with her meals. It’s not that I am averse to spoons, I just don’t think that *all* her meals need to be from one. However, very recently she has actually started to hold the spoon herself (once it’s been topped up by us) and this makes for easier feeding of foods that can’t be grabbed.

Slightly nervously (because the only pouches she’s had very recently are porridge and breakfast ones) we sat down for lunch. My worry was very short-lived. Boy, did she absolutely LOVE this pouch. I’m not kidding, I’ve never seen her go for the spoon with such fervour. Normally quite shy and restrained, today she was grabbing the spoon and pushing it into her mouth as if she couldn’t get the food fast enough. SHe also held onto that spoon tightly until every last drop was off – twisting and turning it in her mouth in the process.


A massive success!

I had a sneaky taste too, and it was quite pleasant. I wouldn’t push aside my roast dinner for it, but then this isn’t meant for big people.

I do feel I should add that whilst Plum have given me these pouches to test for free, I am in no way paid to write my review. I would not rave about how much Willow liked them if it simply were not true. I have another 2 flavours to try her on yet, so come back soon to find out how they went down.


Day 2

On our second day with the same flavour of Plum food we decided to mix half the pouch in with some leftover roast chicken and freshly cooked pasta. In essence the pouch became a pasta sauce, which fitted in perfectly with the finger-friendly dinner.

Now on previous occasions with pasta, chicken and a homemade tomato sauce, I must admit that the tomato ends up splattered across the cabinet behind Willow. The chicken is mostly dropped down for our two eager cats, and the pasta is gobbled up like it is the only thing worth living for. With this Plum pouch mixed in however, Willow ate every single bit! She even licked her fingers and picked everything out of her bib to eat too. This was a really pleasant surprise, and means that we can really rely on Plum pouches for an easy dinner on days when the grown ups are eating something less suitable. Great!

I am very keen to see how the other two new flavours will go down.

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