Customer service – it matters

So today I was involved in a rather long discussion about customer service, and was asked to think about a really good experience that I’d had – whether it be face to face, online or on the phone.

Normally these sorts of questions always make me panic, as I desperately try and think of an answer so I’m not left holding the ‘I don’t know’ flag (there isn’t really a flag though – shame)

As it turns out though, the first thought that popped into my head this time (and it popped very quickly I might add) was ‘Frugi‘. You see, I’ve had a lot of dealings with various companies in terms of their customer service (personal experience and from mystery shopping – I can’t say any more!) The point is, excellency stands out a mile off. As more and more companies outsource their production and staff to other countries, often it is the after-sales that suffers. I’m talking, ‘press 2 to hear another 7 options, press 4 to go around in another circle, or hold to be routed through to India – where you’ll get to chat to a polite chap called ‘John’ who will call you sir but will be as helpful as wet toilet roll’.

This is where Frugi are so very different – let me explain. I bought a little cute T-shirt from them at their end of season sale last year, when Willow was 5 months old. It looked a bit big for the 6-12 months label, but I didn’t think much of it. The sizing on baby clothes can often be all over the place, and I had nothing to compare it to. Anyway, because it was going to swamp her that summer, it went to the back of a cupboard. Annoyingly she grew to fit it perfectly during winter and our cold ‘Spring’ (ahem) – when she was 13 months or so. We had a few nice sunny days (like the one below), but I did really think it was a shame that by the time real summer came, it’d probably be too small. Still, nothing I could do, right?


Fast forward to now, and I won a T-shirt from Frugi at the beginning of May. I asked for a 12-18 month size as this would be one size up from the t-shirt above, and was also going to be the age she’ll be this summer. However, when it came it was actually smaller than the one I had from last year (the 6-12 month one). Confused, I asked to swap this new one for the 18-24 month size instead, explaining that I want to make sure it will fit by the summer. Frugi were happy to exchange the new t-shirt (as you’d expect from any decent company) but to my surprise, they actually offered to also swap the old t-shirt (bought over a year ago remember) – because we could only assume that it had been labelled wrong. Come on now – how many other companies do you know who would do that?

It gets better – when I replied with the simple and honest fact that the wrongly labelled top was no longer in stock because I bought it so long ago, they offered to let me choose another t-shirt by way of saying sorry for their mistake. And yes, I got to keep the wrongly labelled top too. Seriously? I actually felt cheeky for being given such an amazing customer experience!

It just so happens that there was another little problem, whereby an order I’d placed during a promo didn’t include the little freebie they were advertising, but a very quick and simple message to Frugi and this was sorted too. Three days later and I receive my 2 t-shirts and a little free summer hat.

Awesome guys, just awesome.

Whilst I am a ‘Frugi crusader‘ this year, let me assure you that I am not employed, paid or influenced by them. A quick read of some online forums and facebook groups, and you’ll quickly see that the excellent customer service I experienced is in no way unique. There are many happy Frugi customers who also sing their praise, many of which have similar stories to tell.

Frugi’s customer service is spot on, and another reason why I don’t mind paying the little extra. I’d much rather have the quality goods with the reassurance that any little niggles will be dealt with quickly and in a stress-free manner. The website URL just suits them down to the ground – we (really do) love

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