A room refresh – my grand designs

I saw this fantastic competition on The Quarter-life Tales of Annie Bean and knew I had to enter.

It was already obvious to me which room needed a refresh – we don’t have very many of them after all, but I’m sure you’ll agree that this one needs some serious TLC: –


Yup.. that’s our daughters ‘nursery’… if you can really call it that?

The problem we had is that we moved into our home the week our baby was born (15 months ago). If buying your first house and moving with a newborn wasn’t tricky enough, I had to have a c-section because she was breech. For those first few weeks of setting up home, I was about as useful as wet toilet roll. This room suffered the most.

For months the decor of this room was just brown – not the classy, sophisticated colour of Molton Brown-like brown.. we’re talking the colour of cardboard boxes. They were stacked from floor to ceiling (I kid you not) until Willow outgrew the bedside cot she had been using in our room, and actually needed her ‘real’ bed. At least that forced me to unpack her cotbed and shift things around the room so there was a big enough gap for it. Until this point we just didn’t need to go into that room. And why would you spend time unpacking boxes when you’ve got a brand spanking new baby to coo over? (Hmm.. perhaps I shouldn’t have used the words ‘spanking’ and ‘baby’ in the same sentence).

Anyway, as you can imagine, it took a long time for us to properly address the nursery. Even when we did find the time, it was only to put a couple of pictures up. The polyfillered holes from the shelves of occupants past still need painting over – Can you see those lines of white dots by camera for our the baby monitor? – yeah, they might look all neat and innocent in the photo but in reality they look ugly. Let’s not even talk about the giant brown stain on the white wall hidden by the bed, which looks as though Alice had a fist-fight with the Mad-hatter at his tea party. I really do hope it is some kind of drink – it could very well be sick. Who knows! Then there is the fact that half of the room still looks like a warehouse and simply needs some kind of storage sorted (there are no cupboards in the room).

This is why the first item I’d choose would be this: –


I mean, come on! This looks amazing! Have you ever seen a door that looks more like it leads to a secret world?! I want this wardrobe so I can tell Willow fantastic stories of how it leads to Narnia, or maybe lands from The Magic Faraway Tree (only the tree has been chopped up and made into a wardrobe in this instance!) It would simply be fantastic.

Next I would choose some paint: –


I almost chose the colour ‘Willow’, but figured that might be a little odd and could give Willow nightmares of where paint comes from. Instead, I’ve gone for ‘Sage’ – a perfect spring colour to welcome the sunnier days. Doesn’t it sound gorgeous though? ‘Sage’.. such a nice, down-to-earth sounding colour – full of innocent hope and faerie-like fantasy. But coming back down to reality with a thump, I do just love the colour green. We never intended to leave her room blue for so long, I just haven’t had the push I need to get painting. Plus, well, paint is actually quite expensive.

Just because I don’t agree with the whole ‘boys have blue and pirates, whilst girls have pink and princesses’ kinda thing, I’d like to put down this rug for her: –


I’m pretty proud of the fact that our little one already has a tub of wooden cars, and I have these lovely hopes of seeing her racing them around her new Laura Ashley rug, whilst I’m busy moving all the random junk out of her room. The reality is that she’ll probably throw them at the newly-painted wall and slide them under my feet just as I pick up a stupidly heavy box full of hardback books (who even packed *that* box!) But hey, I can daydream, right?

Finally – Just to sneak in another item for good measure, I’d also LOVE to get some of this: –


I wish I could pretend that I’d turn it into a wonderful handmade PJ set for her, or maybe even some swishy new curtains. The trouble is I wouldn’t even know where to start. The pin-prick holes in my fingertips from the teddy I tried to sew are testament to my needlecraft abilities. No.. I’m more likely to sling it over the table as a make-shift tablecover for her next party. I do happen to love doing treasure hunts though – so much so that I even organised one at our wedding! There must be a way I could use this fabric to set up some kind of pirate themed weekend in our house. I’m not sure if it’d be my husband, me or Willow who would love that the most. The truth is – the fabric is just too cute to not own.

Ok, who am I trying to kid.. this would SO end up as a duvet cover for my room! Adults are allowed pirate prints, right?

Well done Laura Ashley – some truly inspiring items here.


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