Moving house is hard work

The other day I stumbled upon a nice little guide on ‘staging’ at this site. Although we’re not about to sell our property and up sticks, it did make me think back to how our living room was when we moved house just 16 months ago – which happens to be the exact time our little girl was born. (FYI, I wouldn’t recommend moving house the same week you’ve had a baby, never mind one born by C-section!)

If you are in any doubts about how horrible this experience was, here is a photo of what we brought our little girl into..

The before shot


Er.. yeah.. somewhere in there are 2 cats, but there isn’t a single place to sit down. The photo taken in the other direction is even worse, but I’m too ashamed to upload that one. Needless to say, we were all pretty stressed.

We were moving from a much larger rented place, onto the property ladder of a small house with no storage. This meant being a bit creative with layouts, and we have created a rather unconventional ‘nook’ by placing two cabinets back to back, and a TV unit in front of them. This gives us somewhere tidier to store dvd’s and ‘stuff’, and it gives our little girl a ‘play corner’ where she can disorganise all her books and toys. It also means my hubby isn’t sat too far away from the telly when playing his computer games!

The after shot


I admit we’re not living in the most fancy or tidy home, but at least we don’t have a rice cooker in the hallway anymore.


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