My inside-outside, ‘Big Night In’

When I’m feeling a bit down, there are a few things that I often end up doing – browsing the internet, thinking too much, and shopping.  When I stumbled upon this awesome competition from Two Little Fleas, it ticked all the boxes – I knew I had to enter.

This should reach the ceiling at least!

Obviously if I had £750 to spend on the perfect night in, the first thing to happen is that I’d need to be to scraped off the ceiling – which I would have hit when I exploded with excitement. This looks like it’d do the job, as long as Mike doesn’t use the sharp end!

Some may call this a waste of £24.99, but let’s face it – despite the fact that my suntan cream is barely used and my sandals are still waiting patiently for their summer holiday – winter is coming! Hopefully I won’t need to use this rather dangerous looking ice-scraper to beat off white-walkers from beyond the wall, but at very least I should be able make good use of it on those icy cold mornings over the next few months.

A Big top for our Big night!

Deciding where to host our ideal ‘Big Night In‘ was probably the most tricky decision. Our living room seems to resemble an almighty Duplo tower that has been trampled by a tiny toddler. There are multi-coloured bricks everywhere, and I don’t want our luxurious night being ruined by a surprisingly sharp plastic brick between the toes. We could just tidy them up I guess, but that would only take time away from the main event. This is why I’ve plumped for a fantastic gazebo tent in the garden, which will also ignite the nosy neighbours’ curiosity. The large tarpaulin will probably make it look like we’ve started some kind of excavation out there, or perhaps they’ll think we are conducting an alien autopsy? If I lay some black and yellow tape around the garden too, people will think we’re preserving evidence from a crime scene – how exciting!

My outside snug will need some fancy lighting to set the “um-bee-unce”, so I’ve chosen this rather unusual palm tree lamp, with some of these lovely floor cushions scattered around underneath – for when the excitement all gets a bit too much and we need a sit down.

Now before you dig out the smooth jazz records, crack open the champagne, and dunk the strawberries in melted chocolate, I think it’s time to let you know that this isn’t going to be a chilled, civilised evening for ladies in high-heels and gentlemen with a penchant for cigars and hunting wellies. Nope, this is a party for anyone who loves the film ‘Big’ and wants to play the night away like an overgrown kid!

The little girl isn’t invited though

So, first up in the outside entertainment lounge is going to be this brilliant floor keyboard. I’m already practicing how to play ‘Chopsticks’ on the footrest under my desk. I admit it is making things a little difficult to type, but I don’t want to be shown up by my 2-year-old daughter. (Let me just re-iterate however, that children will be in bed and fast asleep for this event!) Tom Hanks, eat your heart out. £30 well spent.

Other entertainment for this awesome evening will include a football tablebasketball hoop, and trampoline (come on – who doesn’t want to try this.. But not in the tent of course – that’s just being silly!) I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m also keen to try my hand at croquet, and I don’t mind if this big night in has some Wonderland elements. After all, it is sounding a bit like a Mad-hatter’s tea party already. I recently re-discovered the song ‘White Rabbit‘ by Jefferson Airplane, so I think that will have to be playing the background. Maybe not on loop though – that could be a bit trippy.

The only greens attending this meal

Whilst the sausages are sizzling alongside the sirloin steaks on the new BBQ, the kids (that’s me and the hubby) will be racing each other on space hoppers and scooters. If anyone else gatecrashes our party, they’ll join the race on a mini skateboard. I don’t fancy my chances either way, but it’s the taking part that counts, right?

Obviously our meat feast will end with toasted marshmallows, although I think the plan of a barbecue in a refined space still needs some work. Maybe we’ll put this next to the trampoline instead eh?

I want to know what all the fuss was about


Despite this sounding like it is an alcohol-induced crazy plan to fuel ones insanity, I don’t actually drink anything except water or lemonade. Oh, and tea – but that doesn’t count does it. I mean, we *all* need tea to survive, don’t we? In keeping with the slight 80’s theme that seems to have sprung up unannounced, I’d therefore like to propose a soda stream table. I never had one of these, but was always jealous of anyone who did. Not jealous enough that I rushed out to buy one as soon as I reached credit-card age mind, but enough that I’m curious to try one now – This would be to make lemonade of course.

For the slightly more chilled hour – somewhere between eating too much steak and tripping over a tent peg, I’m thinking Play-Doh has to get involved. You have smelt that stuff haven’t you? – It’s divine! No ‘big night in’ would be complete without squelching some ‘Doh’ between your fingers, whilst your best mate attempts to do magic tricks. Oh, I did mention there was going to be magic, right?

*artistic impression

*No children’s crayons were destroyed in the making of this picture


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