The stickers cometh!

Painting and decorating features in chapter 77 of ‘101 Distractions from Depression’, yet it had been a few years since I properly gave this a go. All that was about to change, when my best friend insisted (with a little sticky toffee pudding as payment) to finally dig out our brushes and paint – which I bought over a year ago in preparation.

I’m pleased to write that the main wall in my little girl’s bedroom is no longer adorned with spilt drink over a boring shade of blue. (I didn’t spill the drink, and nor did I paint it blue).  Instead, two of her walls are a beautiful shade of green, and the other two boast a fresh coat of off-white. Thank you Scotty – when the paint cures enough for me to put the jungle stickers up, we’ll be inviting you back to officially pronounce her room ‘done’.

At the moment there is still a bit of work to find time for. As you enter this bedroom, you’ll have to watch your step so as not to trip over the cow and apple (or is it a pear?)


The photo above may suggest a calm and tranquil place where children can happily play and chat about faeries, but it’s amazing what you can do with nice camera angles.

Turning the corner you’ll be faced with this (I’m not even going to pan down)…


It’s not terribly untidy, but this brilliantly made ‘nook shelf’ is jam-packed with everything that still hasn’t got a home. The clothes belong there, but the cookery books, sewing box and books on Egypt really should live somewhere else! Still, these shelves are made of better timber than our roof, and are sturdy enough for the SAS to use as part of an assault course. Thank goodness my dad can literally make anything.

The rocking horse has a nice little perch in front of the windows, but ideally I’d like to make room for ‘Pollyanna’ downstairs where she can be rocked to everyone’s heart content. (I can’t deny having a go myself – not much leg room to be honest)


‘Teddy’ on the other hand, is quite happy waiting for bedtime by his usual haunt. I say ‘happy’ – he looks pretty miserable in this photo – kinda like he’s just discovered that he only had a one-way ticket to Alcatraz, and didn’t pack enough ice-cream to last the summer.


Speaking of summer, is that really it? Did we even have one consistent week of nice weather? I honestly can’t remember, and haven’t even packed away my winter wardrobe yet. Oh well, let it be a lesson to us that in order to notice a change in seasons, we have to start saving for a wonderful holiday abroad. We have just the piggy-bank for the job (and you guessed right – it’s not a piggy)


So anyway, I’m feeling a lot happier about finally having some kind of nursery, and have loved snapping a few shots before reading the bedtime books at least 3 times over. This one almost shows off the three pictures I made for her, which hang patiently until it’s time for the stickers to join them. That green wall is just begging for a 4ft giraffe with birds resting on his head!


MyRoomI’m not sure she’s tall enough to notice what’s going on ‘up above’ yet, but one day our little lady will hopefully love her room as much as I do.

If we ever have a chance to pack up shop and move to a house big enough to hold all our ‘stuff’, I’m definitely taking notes from ‘The eMoov Guide to Home Staging’ I’m not sure potential buyers would appreciate stepping over Duplo carnage as they enter the front door. Let’s hope they don’t want to take a peek in the attic either – nothing sinister, just a lot of clutter and teeny tiny rompers that remind me how small this little girl used to be!




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