Don’t stop me now

I’m going to be honest with you.. when the weather is about as inspiring as blunt pencils on soggy paper, I find it really difficult to get me and my toddler outside. The drizzly rain and cold wind makes me want to curl up with junk food underneath a sea of duvet, yet the irony is I suffer from real cabin fever if I’m cooped up too long.

I know I want to get out, I know I should get out, and I know I need to get out, but something holds me back. Modern life just makes it so easy to be couch-potatoes, that I end up having to find excuses to see daylight. Even as I type this, an Amazon courier knocks on the door – he’s come to deliver my new deodrant! It’s convenient, but I do see how terrible this is! It doesn’t help that when I look out into what used to be a fairly tidy and well organised garden (before we moved in), I see this: –


Ok, so it’s not quite this bad anymore. That’s my dad looking out towards a mud patch that he eventually built a big shed/office on. He’s not standing there anymore, but the broken yellow bucket is still kicking around  amongst leftover paving slabs and a trellis that is yet to find a home. My point is, our little girl has nothing in the garden that she can call her own. Instead, she toddles around trying to eat the gravel. Some of those smooth, round stones do look quite appetising I must admit, but I really wish we were able to transform at least part of our garden into an exiting, choking-hazard-free zone.

I know that children are easily entertained, but it would be lovely to have some garden toys that she can play with all year round. Autumn and Winter are especially hard – at least in the Summer months the outside tap and an empty takeaway box provide hours of fun and a big distraction from all the non-edibles!







Now, space is quite an issue, but I’d absolutely love to build our little lady her own wonderful outdoor play centre. Somewhere to inspire us to dash outside at every chance we get, even if there are thunderclouds on the horizon.


This Pirate Galleon from Activity toys direct looks amazing, and I love the little cubby hole area underneath the main platform. You can guarantee our two cats will be camping out under there too – they are also cowardly custards when it comes to the rain!

The age range says 3-10, but I think they are being highly pessimistic there. This has got to suit anyone up to 99, surely?! I’d quite happily collect my pension in Dubloons if it means I get to ride on that ship!


I’m torn between this and the Wacky Tower Wooden Playhouse – Ah, it looks straight out of a Tim Burton film! The cute little stilts that this house sits on is wonderfully suited to our water-logged garden, and the porthole means she can gaze at the cats galavanting outside, whilst keeping warm and dry. Failing that, we can always switch it for a cat-flap so they can get in on the mini-house action. As for the attachment – who wouldn’t want to exit their own, private domain by sliding off to dinner!

Just because I’m ever-thinking about the practicalities, whatever outside improvements we invest in for our daughter, we’ll also be looking for a perfect place for this – It’s not that drivers particularly stamp on the gas around this neighbourhood; just that you can never be too safe when it comes to the little ones. I think an luminous yellow fella waving a red flag is bound to make anyone slow down, which is always a good thing.

One thing I do know – once I’ve started improving our garden space, there will be nothing to stop me. As with a lot of things, it just takes that initial shove to get you off in the right direction.

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition

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