How to make Christmas

I recently found this great competition on the Life in a Breakdown blog. Naturally it got me thinking about what prize I’d want to win from Wayfair, to make our Christmas feel one step closer to perfect.

Although I do agree with Sarah that I can never manage ‘to find the right tray to cook the turkey on’ – Especially since a family member just scratched my best one to death with a metal fork, trying to salvage some fairly overdone fish fingers for my little girl. Eeek! I know her intentions were good, but that pan was Anolon! I found myself instantly browsing the kitchenware section of the Wayfair website, but you know what – it’s just too early for me. I need to let those wounds heal a bit more before I cast my pan aside and bring out some new bad boys. Sad, I know, but I do grow rather attached to practical things.

Besides, since becoming a parent I’ve discovered that it is actually impossible to dream about things for yourself when there are so many fun and imaginative toys on offer. This is why my dream item is this: – Healthy Eating Kitchen and Market Stall. Doesn’t that look amazing! If you’re not sure, or you just can’t imagine a little lady playing with such a healthy looking piece of kit, let my artistic impression help you out..


*No children’s crayons were harmed in the making of this image

You see! How perfect is this?! Still not sure? Let my poem help cement this for you..

This wonderful little kitchen, 
Would make our dreams come true.
It’s the perfect size for Willow,
But will help her mummy too.
Instead of busy markets,
I’d buy Xmas lunch from here.
The sprouts are on a bargain deal,
(Although the turkey’s a little dear).
And this shop is always friendly,
The food so well displayed.
And often I’m undercharged for veg,
When my carrots are never weighed.
Ok, they’re covered in fingerprints,
And the fruit is a little hard.
But who can complain when a weekly shop,
Doesn’t have to go on credit card.
So although it doesn’t seem Christmassy,
I assure you it’s a festive wish.
So that I can prepare our real food,
While Willow serves up a cute wooden dish. 


So there we have it. It might not be an obvious choice from a wonderful website full of Christmas wonder, but this luxurious toy would leave us all grinning from ear to ear.

By the way, I asked Willow how she’d feel if she got a fancy little kitchen of her own for Christmas, and this was the face she made..

I translate this as something like..  ‘I’m super excited and am taking time out to absorb the news. When I open my eyes I totally expect to see my new wooden kitchen set up in front of me, so that I can start selling you stuff instead of letting you read that same book to me over and over. P.S. Mr Tumble *is* santa clause, right?!’





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