Anyone else?

I recently bought our little lady a copy of ‘Princess Polly’s Potty’ – to help with that all important potty training.

Willow is already picking up words faster than we can even say them, so it only came as a little bit of a surprise that when we got to the page on the left, she pointed and said ‘Polly! Mess!’


“That’s right Willow,” I reply with reassuring confidence, “Polly has made a mess.”

But then she points to the page on the right and says with the most excited grin, ‘Sausage!’

Mike politely explains to her that it isn’t a sausage and is in fact a ‘poo poo’, while I giggle in the background and whisper back ‘unless it’s a bum sausage.’

The day continues as normal and not much more is said about Polly peeing all over the floor..

Two days later Willow grabs the book with excitement and turns the pages to reach the above. She looks up at me with her big brown eyes, and innocently exclaims..


Oh god.

All night she is running around the living room shouting ‘Bum sausage! Bum sausage!’

What other terrible examples can I set for her?

Please tell me someone else has made a similar mistake?!

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