Special moments in 2013

There’s a wonderful competition on the beautiful blog, Oh So Amelia in association with Lloyds bank. 2013 seems to have passed us by so quickly, but there are naturally many moments that have made it special.

I was very excited to have been chosen as a ‘Frugi Crusader‘ at the start of the year, which meant lots of yummy Organic clothing for our little lady. Frugi is therefore the theme for this little video that I decided to put together – showing a year of changes in Willow.

A Year in Frugi from Sophia Payne on Vimeo.

She’s gone from being this tiny little baby on her back in a Pavlik harness (for hip dysplasia) to sitting, crawling, standing, walking and running!

When I look through our photo collection it’s so lovely to remember all the little, seemingly insignificant times. A walk in the park, a picnic in the garden. These are often the moments that I look back on with such fondness. Happy memories aren’t always about big, fancy holidays, or one-in-a-lifetime opportunities. For me it’s the day-to-day stuff, and this is exactly how I conquered depression (and hence what my book is about).

I’ve decided to pick just one photo from every month, which has been a tough choice indeed!

I hope you like my year in pictures!

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