Step away from the plastic – a Sigg water bottle review

For months I’ve been meaning to look at better drink vessel options for our toddler, as I’m really getting fed up of dripping sippy cups that keep leaking over everything in the pram. After all, the storage basket under there is totally designed for mummy to hoard all her bits and pieces, right?!

Who knew there were SO many types of bottles out there. With everyone boasting BPA-free and leak-proof, I found the decision to be much harder than it should have been. In the end, I decided to trust in a brand that I had only heard good things about – Sigg.

NewBottleAlthough I would expect to have to keep re-filling it when out on a day trip, we went for a small bottle with a special kids top drinking spout. This way it wasn’t big and cumbersome in her tiny hands, but still good enough to hold a decent amount of water for her. I chose the bees design mostly because it was the cheapest, but also because she does like to point out bees and flowers while we are out walking.

I have to say, although we’ve only had it for exactly 5 hours, so far it has been brilliant. It didn’t leak on the way to the swings, and coped with a little knock as she dropped it while carrying it down the stairs (no dents so far) The little lady had almost become obsessed with it and keeps wanting to drink water just because it means holding her new bottle. Success! It has also made a great talking point as I love telling her why she has a bottle and what it is made from. Listening to her try to say ‘aluminium’ was also quite fun. I’m not quite sure why she then said “Ah.. alooomim – just like Mickey Mouse” ?!

Overall, a really nicely made bottle that I’m sure will stand the test of time. There are some truly lovely designs out there if you are prepared to pay a little bit more for them, although the plain ones are great colours too. Ours was £9.50 from Amazon

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