Testing the Bigjigs magnetic fishing boat as a #Playpatrol agent

As you already know, little lady and I were recently recruited to ‘Put fun to the test’ as one of this year’s Bigjigs #Playpatrol agents, following our application back in April.

For our second mission, Bigjigs have very kindly sent us a wonderful Magnetic Fishing Boat, retailing for £15.99. Now I was very excited about this one as I couldn’t wait to join in and play with the cute little wooden ‘pirates’. Sadly for me, our little madam is having a week of saying ‘no mummy, this mine’ to almost everything I do. Still, I did manage to hide the boat in the bottom of our buggy so we could play ‘together’ at the park, and she had great fun pushing it along the water (blue coloured floor) while we were out.

Back at home the only ‘person’ who was allowed to really get a look in was our cat, Logi – who seemed pretty interested in the fishing line in particular.

Logi is the only one allowed to play with her new @bigjigstoys #playpatrol mission!

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I’m not sure she quite gets the concept of ‘fishing’ yet, but the idea is really, really cute. I love the old boot thrown in amongst various little fishes and shell! The magnets are nice and strong too – so much so that the rod can even pick up two things at once.

As with all the Bigjigs toys we’ve been lucky enough to own or play with, the quality is excellent and this is a real ‘pass me down’ kind of toy. Every day I see people trying desperately to rid their houses of the overpriced plastic junk that was last years ‘must buy’, but with wooden toys things are so different. It’s a lovely feeling to know that your money has been invested in an item that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

I’d definitely recommend having a browse of all the other wonderful Bigjigs toys on offer. We still absolutely love all the train set additions we’ve bought – especially as it does mean all the adults get to join in too! I’m hoping the Farm Yard Crossing comes back in stock soon. Hubby is particularly skilled at building train tracks that use bits of random Duplo bricks to hold up death-defying bridges with hungry sheep below. He always gets very excited when we bring home new additions for the set, and we just can’t wait for our local garden-centre to open their new toy section.

We seem to mention pirates in this house at least once a day, so I’m also seriously considering this fab looking Pirate Ship Playset. I think that would go very nicely with her pirate tent and the fabric Doubloons I made for Easter! Perfect for our rough, tough little girl-pirate* – What do you think?

As for me – with my new-found love of sea creatures, I’ve got my eye on this beautiful Polar Glacier set – how cool does that look?! – It’s for the children.. honest!



*A quote from our favourite book right now – The Night Pirates: Pop-Up Book (Pop-Up Adventure)

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