X marks the spot

In keeping with the pirate theme that seems to have sprung upon us, we were very excited to see that our latest Play Patrol mission was in fact to test the Bigjigs Pirate Skittles – retailing at £8.49.

PiratesI kid you not, the first thing Willow said when she opened this was ‘Oh Wow! Pirates! This is my favourite toy ever!’ Amazing huh? That was just from seeing the little faces smiling at her through the packaging – before she’d even started playing with them.

She immediately lined the skittles up in a semi-orderly fashion, and then threw the wooden ball at them with perhaps slightly more force than was actually needed. We spent a good half hour taking it in turns to actually play skittles, before the pirates apparently had better things to do. It turns out that carrying a wicker basket full of these little guys is also great fun when you are two and half years old, along with grabbing daddy’s phone and trying to take a photograph of them.

The result is this wonderful video, which perhaps only parents will appreciate – Hmm.. potentially only Willow’s parents at that.. (that’s me by the way) Regardless, I’m sharing it anyway because it’s a cute little snippet into the mind of a curious child. She thought she was taking a photograph of her new pirate friends every time she tapped the phone to them, but it turns out she’d managed to set the phone to video mode – and all this before daddy even realised his phone was missing! Excuse the portrait mode – toddlers don’t care for these technicalities!

I think the important thing to realise here is that Willow was so immediately enamoured with the Bigjigs pirate skittles, that she found it important to snap some photographs of them – perhaps because she sees mummy and daddy doing the same with their favourite moments!

The perfect thing about these toys (asides from the consistently excellent quality) is that they are hard-wearing and will last for as long as you need them to (and more). I also think that the simplicity in colours and design also leave great scope for imagination. Yes we’ve played with these in the way they were intended, but we’ve also used them to play hide and seek, to count with and name colours, and they’ve been passengers on the model train (not great ones I admit – pirates can be a bit rowdy after all) – I just know we’ll get enjoyment from them for years to come, even if it’s not in the way you’d expect.

It’s been a couple of weeks since this toy first entered our household, and the all import question has to be ‘Agent Double oh Will it go – into the box of favourite things?’

Altogether now.. (cue enthusiastic cheers and applauding)

“Why yes sir.. it most definitely will!”


(just as soon as we’ve scooped the pirate captain skittle out from under the sofa – I think he was hunting out a-raisin treasure!)

P.s. I’m starting to wonder if Willow is actually turning into a pirate. The other day we were doing the alphabet and naming, as you do, things that each letter represents. ‘Q is for Queen, R is for Rabbit and so on’. I said ‘and X is for..’ Willow replied…

“X marks the spot!”

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