A fab Friends moment with CaféPod

Having recently been selected to join the CaféPod Ambassador programme, I was thrilled to find out that my first task was to write about my favourite ‘Friends’ moment or quote. This is in conjunction with the CaféPod brand partnership with the TV show Friends – which this month celebrates 20 years since first airing! (oh wow – do I feel old!)


Now this is probably going to sound a bit random to most people, but I absolutely loved (and loathed) the clip of Ross moving the couch and shouting ‘Pivot!’ at Chandler and Rachel.

My best friend, Scott and I actually met while we were working for our local Warner Bros studio store – way, way back in 1997. There was this big ‘video wall’ at the back of the store above Marvin’s rocket, and we were sent these laser disks to play all day and every day. The disks featured WB music videos, and more importantly – clips from Friends, often from the series that was about to start airing. We (and the customers) used to be so excited to watch never-seen-before scenes, but unlike the customers we couldn’t walk away. When the short snippets of our favourite show were playing for the 20th time that day, you can imagine it got little tedious. It’s the reason I both love and loathe this clip, as I remember how happy I was to first see it, but also how annoying it got!

The ‘Pivot’ clip really sticks in my mind because it’s just one of those scenes that you just can’t switch off from. It also kinda makes me think of Scott, as I could just imagine him trying to squeeze a sofa around impossible corners! In fact, I’m pretty sure that in our 17 years of friendship we’ve probably lived through similar moments trying to carry an impossibly heavy mattress up the stairs! Sofa’s not so much – I’ve just never had a living room on the second floor before.

In line with my ‘favourite friend moment’, I’d also like to mention just how wonderful a friend Scott is. He stuck by me through many, many years of my depression and self-harm and recently been our saviour when our whole family got ill. It may have just been simple cold and flu-like symptoms, but I’ve recently discovered that being ill whilst looking after a toddler feels like swimming through custard (not that I have ever tried this of course!)

IndoorPlayThe simple truth is my toddler was just starting to pick herself back up, right when we were just going down. We had no food in, no energy to order any, and felt immensely guilty for letting her watch Toy Story all day long.

Scott stepped in and saved us by turning up at our door (we don’t exactly live close by either) with soup, oranges, grapes, milk for tea and coffee (of course!) and a host of other little treats. More importantly, he took our little girl to the nearest indoor soft play and exhausted her going up and down the bumpy slide for over an hour while I slept. Anyone with kids will understand just how much we appreciated this!CafePod

We rewarded him with a nice cup of coffee, and of course let him share the soup too – isn’t it amazing how the simple things can truly bring the most pleasure!?

So that’s my little story of my favourite ‘Friend’ moment – both in the TV show and real life.

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