Bathtime fun with H&A

Last week we were sent the Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set from H&A, and asked to write  an honest review. This was in the hope that we might join the Bathtime Fun Squad – their parenting bloggers ambassador programme.

Bathtime-Buddies-Alphabet-Set6-e1357123605365Now I must admit that this isn’t the sort of toy I’d usually go for in the bathroom – largely down to the size of the tub the letters come in, in relation to our tiny bathroom, and also because I just see lots of fiddly things to have to clean and dry. However, we gave the set a proper test and wow, did our little lady love it!


I’ll talk a bit more about these in a moment, but first let me try and express our thoughts in this poem: –

Bathtime is Changing

Our usual call for bath time,
Met with ‘No mummy! No, no, no!’
But since we found this set,
It’s now ‘Let’s go mummy! Let’s go!’

She splashes, scoops and bends,
And lines the letters along our tub.
Distracted and amused
While we wash away the grub.

And since she’s noticed letters,
In every word, book and name.
She searches for her ‘W’
It’s a favourite bath time game.

So we’re learning, teaching, cleaning,
In the baths we take each day.
Thanks to this bathtime buddies alphabet set
From the wonderful H&A.

FloatersIt’s amazing how something as simple as a tub full of foam letters has turned bath time from something she drags her heels over, to something she asks for every day. I’ve started to really enjoy hearing “Mummy is it bath time tonight? Can I have the letters in the bath please mummy?”

I love that H&A have clearly thought long and hard about what us parents also need from a bath toy, and have put nice big holes in the lid so the letters can be scooped up and then drained by turning the tub upside down. I admit it’s quite a tight squeeze for them all in there, and you do have to be careful that the letters don’t push up against the holes in the lid and block them. The first time we used this toy I didn’t get all the water out so when I poured them into the next bath a load of cold water came out too. I find it’s easiest to not screw the lid on properly so you can get a bit of movement when you shake it – that way more water comes out.

We had great fun putting together this little video about the set, and special thanks must go to composer Mike Payne for letting me use one of his library tracks: –


Overall, a really fun bath toy that is perfect for toddlers who are just beginning to notice letters. Our little lady certainly surprised us by finding both of the ‘W’s’ in the bath – and then proceeded to tell us they were “Wuh, wuh, wuh, for Willow.” – proof that these are so much more educational than her favourite squirty mermaid!


Please note that I was not paid to write this, but was sent the bathtime alphabet set for free in order that I may review it.


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