Five in Florida (Travelling with a toddler) Part 5 – Our trip

Our trip

I was originally going to write just one blog post about the whole of our trip (yeah right!) but that has already turned into these 4: –

It’s quite obvious that when I’m writing about something I absolutely love thinking about, it’s impossible to stop me! It therefore makes sense for me to split my Orlando trip report into different sections, so that you can read whichever ones you are most interested in.

I will update these into links as and when I write each post, but here’s what will follow: –

  • Disneyworld – Magic Kingdom
  • Disneyworld – Animal Kingdom
  • Disneyworld – Epcot (and the Food and Wine Festival)
  • Disneyworld – Hollywood Studios
  • Universal Studios (and Diagon Alley)
  • Universal’s Island of Adventure (and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)
  • Boggy Creek Boat Tours
  • Legoland

MK_MSCONFEC_7089187393I hope that the whole of my ‘Five in Florida (Travelling with a toddler) series of posts will help you decide whether Orlando is the right place for you and your family, and show you that it is in fact possible to take an under 3-year-old to Florida and all have an absolutely fantastic holiday. I know that I met many people in our pre-planning stage who were doubters, and it’s certainly hard to not let those negative thoughts put you off going.

Our trip took over a year of planning and saving, and was a really big decision for us. I’m so happy that Willow loved it and is still talking about Florida some months later.

Given the chance we would go back tomorrow – that is how much we loved this holiday.

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