We found a new swing!

Well today we had a pretty good morning at the play area outside our local community centre – we discovered that a new swing has finally taken the place of the old broken one, which I can only assume has been like that for many years (at least the three we’ve been living here). I know, I know – it’s not the greatest use of the word ‘exciting’. You know you are living with a toddler when the highlight of your week is that you find a new swing!

Willow and I had such a lovely time, mostly down to the fact we could both lie down on the circular netting, and stare up at the sky while gently swaying back and forth. We agreed that in the summer we would lie there and watch the planes fly over, or find shapes in the clouds. I definitely decided that if when we have a bigger house with a huge garden, we are so getting one of these swings big enough for all of us. In her own words, Willow kept telling me ‘this is SO relaxing’.


In some ways it is a bit of shame that this is over in the ‘big kids park’ and not the toddler one, as it is just the perfect size for smaller kids to lie down on. Also, it’s near impossible to push the swing so high that they might fall off, and even better – it swings and swings by itself without the need to keep pushing. Seriously.. this thing must have been designed by a mum with sore arms! My worry now is that all the teenagers will have another reason to ‘hang out’ over there and wreck it. They’ve broken at least three swings so far, so I guess it’s only a matter of time. I know that makes me sound like a moaning old bat, but honestly, I just loved lying there with Willow so much that I want to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible.

We found a new swing! #sorelaxing

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So I beg you big kids, please don’t break this amazing swing. It has taken at least three years for it to be put up, so lets at least try and make it last the next three!

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