The Spice Tailor Tikka – our review

Never before have we been SO impressed with dinner that I’ve been compelled to write a review – until tonight. It’s funny actually, because I had just been on Twitter earlier in the evening saying ‘Oh I’m so bored with our meals, I need some new dinner ideas’. Then bam! – I remembered we had ordered a new tikka curry kit to try out.

Original-tikka-masalaI can’t remember exactly why or how The Spice Tailor kit caught my eye, but the reviews on Ocado looked good, which is always a good place to start. Whether or not I would have usually picked it up if shopping in an actual, real store – I’m not so sure. The packaging is nice enough, but I just never tend to rate these things – often they are oily or bland. Or worse – oily and bland!

The first ‘abnormal’ thing to happen this evening was when I popped into the living room to lay out the cutlery. Mike said ‘Wow! Dinner smells amazing’. It’s not that I’m usually a terrible cook, it’s that he has like NO sense of smell! The fact he could smell our food – and thought it smelt wonderful – this was a big deal!

The second thing to take me by surprise was that Willow (about to turn 3 this week) actually asked for more sauce. More sauce? ‘hello?’ We usually have to lick the sauce off her curries – not add more! What was going on with my family tonight?!

Thirdly, and this was an even bigger deal.. wait for it.. we all licked our plates clean! I mean, I usually do that anyway, but Mike’s plate normally looks like the food has been surgically removed: not had every drop wiped up with chunks of naan bread!

But of course I can’t base this review on a few abnormal circumstances around our dinner table. The most important thing about this tikka masala curry kit is that it honestly tasted amazing. We used chicken, and I served it with naan bread and a small portion of rice. This kit was SO simple to cook – the whole thing must have taken 10 minutes, and used absolutely minimal brain cells. The hardest part about it was remembering not to chew on the whole cloves, cardamon pods and cinnamon pieces!

The sauce wasn’t oily. It wasn’t an unnatural red, red, and it wasn’t too spicy either. I mean, you can certainly taste the spices in there, but it wasn’t spicy hot – It simply had a wonderful, fresh, aromatic taste.

The most enjoyable part for me was definitely hearing Willow say ‘Please mummy, can I have some more sauce to dip my bread in?’ – Heart melt!


This is the first Spice Tailor kit we’ve ever tried, and I’m keen to try the others. I wasn’t paid for this review, and nor did I receive any samples to try – or bribes..

.. although, I am pretty open to those.



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