Thinning out our bumGenius Freetimes

The time has come where I’ve finally realised and accepted that our ever-increasing pile of beautiful cloth nappies is directly proportionate to the ever-decreasing amount of funds we have available to buy food. It’s a sad day, but something has to go.

I haven’t ‘fallen out of love’ with bumGenius, and nor am I ‘declaring war’ because I was too slow to get my hands on the strangely endearing new print, Alicia. I mean, they are just nappies. If they work – great. If they don’t – well, find something else. I think it’s a bit mad to boycott the brand because some of the prints are limited editions!bumgenius

It’s kinda weird for me to think that I actually first discovered these nappies back in 2010 – before I was even pregnant or thinking about having a baby. My sister had asked me to do some research on reusable nappies for her to use with my nephew – and like a dog with a bone, I obsessed over it. I must have read every article going back then, and firmly decided that bumGenius were the ones. They had the best reviews, the nicest selection, and seemed to be worth every penny. She didn’t even use them in the end, but I knew that one day we would.

I did this drawing on my old blog back in October 2010 – and have to chuckle now when I realise what nappy I drew – Yup, a limited edition Chelsea Perry!

So anyway. The nappy world can be harsh – really harsh. These things are like collectors’ items, and it genuinely worries me that I might inadvertently miss a tiny blemish or faint stain, and another mummy will feel disappointed and want her money back. Buying and selling second hand can be really stressful, so these past few days I have been doing everything I can to make sure the nappies I want to sell are ok.

We haven’t used our Freetimes in about a year now (we are V4 fans through and through) – partially because the fit wasn’t great, and partially because the elastics need some TLC. It doesn’t make them unusable – someone who loves this style can easily get the elastics replaced, and the nappies will be like new. My worry is that I can’t see the PUL to know it’s ok, or maybe the nappy smells but I’ve gotten used to it?

Like some weird scientific experiment, I decided to begin ‘operation nappy checks’. First I laid the nappies out flat and poured water into the middle – you know, like those adverts with the cups full of blue liquid! Were those ads for sanitary pads or nappies? – I can’t remember. Anyway, once the water soaked through the top layer, I lifted the nappies up and tilted them gently from top to bottom. It was quite fun actually – I could feel the water swishing around inside the nappy without seeping out. Good news – the PUL was fine! Hoorah! Next I hung them outside – in the sun, in the hail and in the rain – if there were any faint stains, this was sure to get rid of them!

NappySoakFinally, I have spent my one morning off pummelling and soaking these nappies in a bucket of Eco Sprout detergent. If there is any residue left in these things, well.. this sure as heck better sort it! I plan on leaving them overnight and then triple washing them before hanging them back outside. I really hope that whoever buys these nappies isn’t disappointed. I genuinely think I would cry.

Tell me I’m not mad for going to this effort? Cloth nappies are worth it, right?!?

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