Skip Hop ‘Grab & Go’ – Our review

Whilst browsing the Skip Hop website back in November during the Black Friday deals, I must admit that I was mostly on the hunt for a new bag for Willow to take to nursery. I only started looking at the rest of their site because I was trying to spend over a certain amount to get free delivery. It was then that I stumbled upon the ‘Grab & Go‘ stroller organizer.

Now it’s strange that I’d never considered a bag for our buggy before, as I absolutely love having pockets, pouches and nooks to tuck ‘essentials’ into. I pretty much never leave the house without a bottle or water – which usually slops around in the bottom of the buggy and clanks together with my keys (it’s a metal bottle so the sound makes me cringe)

As I was ordering from the site anyway, I decided to treat our buggy to the ‘Grab & Go’ in the chevron print – and only because the black and platinum versions just looked a bit boring. I would personally have preferred bright colours and prints, but I figured this one would do. It was shipped to my cousin in the US, and he very kindly bundled it up with a whole bunch of nappies and toiletries that I’d also bought, and shipped it onwards to me in the UK.

My goodies arrived yesterday, and wow – the Skip Hop bag is so much nicer in real life. I’m actually kicking myself that we’ve had 3 years of buggy-pushing without it! Here I was thinking that the nappies would steal the thunder from everything else in the box, but in actual fact this was the first item I wanted to take out and feel.

BugBagFirstly, the print looks a lot nicer than it does in the photos – I don’t know how that is possible, but it just is! The bag has a sort of neoprene feel to it – nice and squishy, and just flexible enough without feeling like it’s going to stretch out of shape. I absolutely love the velcro straps that secure it to the handles – it’s so versatile and I can’t imagine any buggy that this wouldn’t work on.

As much as I hate that these days it feels impossible to go anywhere without our mobiles, I have to say that Skip Hop clearly know their market and have designed a great little zip-off pouch, which is perfect for the more valuable items – phone, money, keys etc. Whilst I didn’t want to take the whole bag off the pram every time we walk away from the buggy to have a go on the swings and slide, it was great to be able to just unzip this part. There is even a little opening for headphones to go through, which I think is a lovely little touch – even though it’s not something I can see myself using.


The two side sections are perfect for our bottles of water – mine and Willow’s – especially useful if you have a leaky bottle that you don’t want lying on its side. The middle section is just right for a little snack and maybe a favourite soft toy or teething ring – anything you’d want within grabbing distance.

Overall, the bag is just big enough for ‘essentials’, without being so big that you begin to wonder if you may as well just sling the change bag over your shoulder. Again, I feel this shows a very clear understanding of their audience. I personally wouldn’t want it to be any bigger, and nor would would I rate it so highly if it were a bit smaller.

BuggySkip Hop, I salute you! I’m actually excited to take the buggy out now. Willow absolutely loved helping me ‘pack’ the little bag this morning, and I felt like I could stay out for longer because I had a good excuse to take water and snacks with us. I’m sure the novelty will wear off, but for now, I’m a very happy mummy.


This review is based entirely on my own experience with the product. I was not paid to write it, and nor was I sent any freebies to test (boo hoo!)


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