Moisturiser with a difference – from Rinse Bath & Body, USA

Whilst at Epcot Food and Wine Festival in 2014, we paused at an interesting stand belonging to Rinse Bath & Body. It was actually Scott who stopped to have a look, as he was interested in their Peppofoot foot spray. I have to admit that I probably would have kept walking – but only because the weather was a strange mix of heat and rain, making it uncomfortably humid. We were already heading back around the lake to the exit, and we were feeling pretty tired – and not in the mood for shopping.


Scott passed me a fig scented body spread to smell, and I was very impressed (more on that in another post) but I didn’t feel that I could justify any more lotions and potions – especially given how limited my luggage space already was. After a very quick smell of a few different products (none of which I can remember) I decided to buy a natural deodorant (I will also write about that in a separate post). We left with only a small purchase each and a still very neutral opinion of the company.

Back at the villa a few days later, I was absolutely kicking myself for not finding the energy to take a better look at the Rinse range. I’d been browsing online and fallen in love with the sound of everything, but wished that I knew what the scents were like. I was particularly interested in the 100% natural products, as my skin has always been really prone to unhappiness.

Back in the UK I decided to order a few things online and have them shipped to my cousin – seeing as he already had some other US-exclusive things I’d ordered for Willow stashed in his apartment (mostly bumGenius nappies). I figured the extra postage would be worth it, especially as some of the smaller items like lip balms could fit in the little gaps around everything else.

Rinse Bath & Body Squalane OilI was desperate for some new moisturiser, so plumped for the Squalane Oil – ‘a light, scentless & quickly absorbing oil which is known to heal the skin from the inside out & is also loved for its ability to promote cell elasticity, cell regeneration & fight fine lines & wrinkles’ (taken from the Rinse Bath & Body website)

It’s now roughly a week since I’ve been using the Squalane Oil every morning and night, and I’m so far extremely impressed. I was initially nervous of the fact this was an oil, as I thought it would feel too greasy on my skin. I’m pretty sure this is what most people would assume, but in actual fact it is very light. It absorbs very easily, and I think the only danger would be using too much. They say ‘a little goes a long way’, and I couldn’t agree more.

Immediately after applying the Squalane oil my face does feel a bit unusual, but it’s literally just while it absorbs. I love that there is no scent to this product because what I am left with is skin that feels 100% normal. Now I know that doesn’t sound particularly amazing, but trust me – it is.

‘Normal’ is exactly what I want from my moisturiser. It means my face isn’t itchy, clogged, oily, taut, dry, flakey or perfumed. It just feels ‘right’, and most importantly, it feels right all day and all night. It’s not until I wash my face again that I begin to feel the dryness – because up until that point the Rinse Squalane oil has made me forget how troublesome my skin is.

Now this leaves me with an overall feeling of great happiness and frustration. Happy because after 35 years of irritating skin, I have finally found what works for me – but frustrated because of course it has to be from a shop over 4,000 miles across the Atlantic. I’ve literally spent hours daydreaming about how I could justify a family trip to Georgia – where I could casually ‘pop in’ to the Rinse store… and hubby could come back for me about 6 hours later.

Rinse have told me that they do ship to us here in the UK, but it’s just not the same as visiting the store is it. But, of course it’s still better than nothing.

For me, I will keep trying to find an excuse to fly to Georgia someday. I just hope that in the meantime they don’t discontinue such a wonderful product.

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2 Responses to Moisturiser with a difference – from Rinse Bath & Body, USA

  1. I started using Rinse about 7 years ago when I owned a salon and decided to try selling it in my retail area. My first love (and a staple in my Rinse supply) is the Dead Sea Mud soap – I hope you have that on your list. I fell so deeply in love with the Rinse products after so many years of dry, itchy skin and countless dollars spent on each “new” thing on the market that I worked a local farmers market booth for Rinse for 4 summers! I recommend it to all my friends and order regularly. Trust me when I tell you that a trip to the Rinse shop in Monroe, GA is well worth it. It’s like a little piece of heaven 🙂

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    • sophiapayne says:

      It’s so lovely to hear other people are passionate about Rinse. 🙂 Funnily enough the Dead Sea Mud soap was the second thing I tried, after the deOdor stick. I bought one whilst we were still in Orlando and am absolutely gutted that I didn’t order more. I think I’ve got about another month’s use before it’s gone completely, and then I need to decide if I can justify another order shipped over. Either that or I fly over to Monroe – but it’s a bit of a trip as I’m in the UK 😦


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