Risk-taking with a toddler

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 12.59.43Back in my mid to late twenties, I have to admit that I took a few risks in life. I abseiled down our University, flew in a microlight and glider, jumped out of a perfectly working aircraft – twice, and freely went for a swim with sharks.

My point it – I displayed real moments of having no fear. A good ten years later it got me thinking as to whether I would do any of those things again now. The diving is a definite no – I absolutely hated it, but I really did enjoy the two skydives. However, now I’m a wife and mummy, I’m not sure I could ever get past the guilty feelings of ‘what if’.

So then I began to wonder what risks I take currently? As a mid-thirties mum with a three-year-old, here’s what I found: –

  • Sometimes I leave Willow ‘doing art’ at the table while I go and wash up the ten paintbrushes she has already used in the last minute. It’s risky business – I could come back to find our whole house is another colour.
  • I once went upstairs to empty the potty during a no-pants morning, and forgot to put her in a nappy. This is serious stuff – she could climb up onto the sofa and open the floodgates at any moment!
  • Despite a lovely array of cloth nappies and conveniently sized change bags, we often take Willow to the shops and don’t even take a spare nappy with us. I mean, how much more of a risk can a parent take?!
  • Back to her ‘art’, I recently set up a little corner in our living room so that she could reach everything herself. This includes glitter glue, scissors, paint, chalk, play doh, pens, buttons and a whole array of tiny little bits n pieces that are just dying to be knocked over so they can multiply under the sofa. I still can’t decide if it was a genius use of space, or a big mistake – either way, I think this means I’m walking on the wild side again!

So there you have it – what it really means to take risks with a toddler!

Hands up if you have done any of these?

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