One final Playpatrol mission – Ker-ching!

I must admit we’re feeling quite sad that our time as Bigjigs Playpatrol agents has finally come to an end. We’ve had great fun opening up our mystery parcels and testing out the contents, but have to admit that the best has definitely been saved ’til last.

Our final mission was to review the amazing Shop Till with Scanner – retailing at £29.99.

till2Willow happens to really, really love playing shops, and I absolutely love joining in. Not only is it great fun, but it can also be played sitting down – perfect for moments when you are just feeling utterly exhausted! We like to set up an array of wooden fruits, vegetables and some random toys on a bench, then one of us will turn up ready to buy everything.

The great thing about this till is that it enhances our game – Willow has really got into the role-play element since we had this toy, and I’ve found she will now play for a lot longer than before. It’s almost like the till helps to spark her imagination both when playing the shopkeeper and the customer.

I love that this has a little scanner to one side, although I’m waiting for the day that things get dropped into the square hold that’s visible when you pick the scanner off its holder. It’s not a major problem, but it would mean turning the till upside down to shake things out – I envisage receipt paper unravelling and coins all over the floor!

till1The buttons have a really nice feel to them – you can properly feel that you’ve pushed them in which makes it feel like you are actually making a difference. We also love the swipe card reader – and we have a good laugh pretending that the card isn’t recognised. It’s just like real life! 😉

I guess I would have preferred if the bank notes were wooden too, but in actual fact you’d only be able to get one or two in the till and you’d be full up, so it makes sense they are paper. I’m just not sure how long they’ll stay all nice and crisp that’s all. The little credit cards are really cute and we also like to pretend they are shop loyalty cards – so I will ‘stamp’ one each time she comes to the shop and then give her something free after a few visits. It gets me a genuinely excited smile every time. Just brilliant!

Overall, this toy is a real keeper. I can see it being played with for years and years, only to be passed down to any younger children in the future. It’s definitely one to stay! Great work Bigjigs! 😀

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