A cute little find – Millie Pink hair ties

Whilst shopping for some more wonderful Childs Farm bubble bath I noticed a few things for sale that I’d not seen before. The items that really caught my eye were some cute little elasticated hair ties by Millie Pink.

Now I’d never heard of the brand before, nor seen their products ‘in the flesh’, but something about them just screamed to me ‘you’re gonna love these’.

The pack of five bands admittedly cost a little more than I’d normally want to spend, however the over-stretched, ugly-looking hair band around my wrist was a strong reminder that it was about time I invested in something new. My last few hairbands have all been bitterly disappointing, so I figured it could be another case of ‘you get what you pay for’.

The Millie Pink hair ties didn’t look like they would be irritating around the wrist, although it was a little unclear if these would be tiny, toddler-sized bands that would probably cut off the circulation on an adult. I took a punt and ordered some – for myself
and also for my little lady.

TiesToday is the first day I’ve properly had a chance to try the hair ties, and I absolutely love them!

To answer my own question, they do fit around my wrist perfectly and are not tight in the slightest. Even better, I think they do look kind of fun. I probably won’t wear loads of them all up my arm, but I can see myself with one or two.

Comfort is the biggest factor for me because these days I keep a hairband on me at all times. My hair is just so long that it needs tying back if I’m cooking, cleaning, drawing or just feeling a bit hot. It needs to be comfortable both on my wrist and in my hair, and I have to say that these tick both boxes.

I’m probably a bit old for Millie Pink’s target audience, but this is why I wanted to write a review – because a good product will appeal to more than just those it is marketed at. The choice of colours is really fun and cute, and I do like the way the different ones have been packaged together. Of course it’s always nice to have the option to choose individual ones, but perhaps that might be something for the future. For now, the packs of one colour (such as my dark blue ones) is great, although I would like to see an all black set.

Overall, a really great little product that I’m very happy to have discovered!

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