Another tragedy for captive Orcas

After watching the eye-opening film Blackfish​, I made the decision that we would not give any of the SeaWorld parks our money on our visit to Orlando, and we re-adjusted all of our holiday plans around this. It was difficult because I so wanted our toddler to see these magnificent animals and learn about marine life, however the overwhelming feeling that it was wrong to see Orcas in tanks was something I simply couldn’t shake.

We may have only been 5 guests who spent our money elsewhere, but if everyone listens to their conscience and does the same, then eventually these parks would cease to exist.

The article in the link below isn’t about SeaWorld, but read it in full, watch the video and look at the pictures of the conditions these animals are ‘living’ in.

I don’t claim to know very much about Orcas, but the facts speak for themselves. When these animals continue to die at half of their expected lives, something is clearly wrong.

Captive Orca Dies in his Tank – Just Like his Mum

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