Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

This Halloween, my little girl was just about old enough (she’s 3.5) to get involved with our annual pumpkin carving. Before becoming a mummy, I used to carve the typical scary faces – usually Jack Skellington from one of my favourite films, Nightmare before Christmas. Then I became a little more adventurous and found out that I really enjoy drawing pictures on our pumpkins.
We took to the Internet for some inspiration, and she got her heart set on Lock, Stock and Barrel – the 3 trick-or-treating kids from the same film.


I’d ordered our pumpkin from Ocado, as I wasn’t sure if we’d get to the shops in time, and thankfully Ocado did deliver. In fact, they delivered an absolutely enormous pumpkin, which was so huge I could barely carry it!


Our little lady was so excited when she saw it, and took great pleasure in washing the mud off it with mummy.

Now the only thing we have to carve with is our very sharp kitchen knives, so I had to do the next bit, which was to cut the top off so she could help get the seeds out.


She had a brilliant time getting all the seeds out and loved how gooey the insides felt. It was a fab opportunity for us to talk about how the inside of the pumpkin felt, and what it smelled like – talking is always a good way to keep her focussed. She also took a great interest as I was drawing the picture on, although her little fingers did manage to wipe some of it off!


The preparation part was a great way to get her involved, especially when I knew she wasn’t big enough to do any of the actual cutting – but she did love watching mummy do this bit and was very intrigued.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 09.02.36

The carving part didn’t take me too long, although I did make a couple of mistakes. Can you spot them? It didn’t matter though – she was so happy at the finished result and that was enough to make me happy. Soon we were all dressed up ready to go trick-or-treating for the very first time!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 09.05.00

Overall, my little girl really enjoyed the whole pumpkin carving aspect of Halloween, and I’m so pleased she is now old enough to get involved. It won’t be long before she can also do some of the carving, although I think it’s time I finally invested in some special pumpkin-carving tools. There were a few tricky moments where I was worried I might slip with my samurai-steel knife and lose part of my finger!

We were all really happy with the finished result. What do you think?

Now to think of something for next year!


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