Breakfast biscuit anyone?

BiscuitsWe got this free sample from Ocado today. To me, this one biscuit emphasises just how difficult diabetes is to manage – and how very misleading all these ‘healthy’ alternatives actually are.

These are marketed as a ‘breakfast biscuit’, but just ONE biscuit contains 11g of sugar – which is roughly 3 teaspoons. And who could seriously eat just 1 biscuit for breakfast and nothing else? Wash it down with a glass of orange juice and you’ve basically just had 2/3 of your advised daily intake – TWO THIRDS! – in what (to me) sounds like a rather crappy breakfast! And if I gave that 1 biscuit and glass of juice to our 4-year-old? Well, that would be ALL her sugars done for the day. Seriously – on what planet is that healthy?? To give an amusing comparison, 1 of these so called breakfast biscuits has the same sugar content as 5 malted milk biscuits!

If I ate this now, I cannot even explain how ill I would feel. Hyperglycaemia is like a crippling exhaustion that makes you feel weak, grumpy and fuzzy all day long. Trust me, diabetes is NOT something you want to develop.

I know for sure that these last 27 weeks have changed everything about the way I look at food. Please my lovely friends, just look at the ingredients of what you are buying and don’t just trust the marketing campaigns!

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