With the empathy of a parent

Even after four years it still surprises me just how much I’m affected by news stories involving children, now that I’m a parent. Whilst most of us are always able to sympathise, I think that real empathy for other parents only comes when you have children yourself.

This week I’ve found myself unable to stop thinking about the poor family whose 2 year old child, Lane, was snatched by an alligator at a really nice Disney resort in Orlando.

(Read the story on the nytimes website here)

I find myself thinking about ‘what if’ that were my child (who was a similar age when we first went to Orlando) or what it must have felt like for the parents and older sister to witness. Our daughter is now the same age as Lane’s sister, and it tears me apart just thinking about how utterly distraught she would be to lose her baby brother (who isn’t even born yet).

The sad truth is, these types of stories are all over the news. There is always someone, somewhere in the world who is feeling the pain of losing a child, and that makes me feel incredibly sad.


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