A little reminder to myself

This year has seen one of my greatest achievements to date. I finally finished writing and editing my novel for young adults – after having the idea nearly 2 years ago. The story was so strong in my mind that I simply couldn’t NOT write it. But there was a tiny little thing that got in the way – Our family was just about to increase by one.

Writing the book was literally squeezed into every waking hour I had while our newborn napped. I’m not gonna lie – I dropped nearly everything else and we were running our household on minimal input. The washing mounted up, the grocery shops were last minute, and we barely even looked at the garden. I fed the baby, fed the rest of us, and wrote. In the evenings my husband and I were like passing ships in the night – he came in from work and took over looking after the kids, while I went upstairs with my laptop and carried on writing until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

In the early days I would often be seen like this: –

As his naps grew shorter and his feeds got longer, I found myself torn between living inside the fantasy world that I was creating in my mind, and needing to BE here. It was torture for me. All I wanted, more than anything I’ve ever wanted before, was to finish this book and see it published. I’ve forced myself to be harsh, I’ve made myself be critical, but the end result is always the same – I still love this story and desperately hope that I’ve done it justice. It’s been hard. Very hard, and most people I know probably don’t understand why I HAD to write it.

Mike and I have talked extensively about what if. What if it’s published and people love it? What if they hate it? What if I can’t get it published at all? I’ve cried tears of happiness, and soaked myself with tears of pain. It has consumed me. But there has been one thing that I know I would love to do one day, no matter what the outcome of my journey will be. That is to find a way to immortalise the world I created, even if I am the only one to ever see it.

This is when the idea of ‘Curiosity Corner’ was born – It’s my own little nod towards the theme of my book, and the pokey little corner of our bedroom where much of it was written. I would have a sign made and hang it my my desk to remind myself that despite all the hurdles, I DID write it. And if I say so myself, I wrote it well! *blush* I’d look at the sign and remind myself to feel proud. Inspire myself to keep writing.

Or maybe I would put the sign on the front of our house so that friends would know that this is where it all began. This is where THAT story was written – the one I wouldn’t shut up about 😀

I’ve chosen the Rochelle Grande Wall Plaque from smartsign.com because it FEELS right for my book. The Antique Brass finish reflects the steampunk styling I chose for the world I created, and the scroll pattern hints at everything that putting pen to paper is about. It is simplistic yet beautiful. Poignant yet practical. A little symbol of all the time and energy I gave to this project.


I love it!

Of course if the book never makes it then the sign means nothing to other people. It’s just a quirky name for our little corner of the world. But I will never forget, and every time I look at it I will be reminded to write.

This post is an entry into the #MyCustomSign www.smartsign.com blogger challenge

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