Our rainy morning #NoddyChallenge

Today is officially the start of our daughter’s summer holiday (we didn’t include the weekend) – So of course it is cold and rainy! Thanks weather! We were expecting a friend to join us after lunch, so this morning was the ideal chance to slouch in our jim jams and do some crafting.

During Dylan’s 6am feed I was browsing on my phone and had spotted a fab competition on tots100 to win £500 in books from Book People. It involved creating a craft activity inspired by Noddy and there were some great ideas being shared already. We didn’t have a great deal of time so anything involving baking was out, but I figured we would have some fun with good old fashioned paper and pens.

I chatted to Willow about her and Dylan dressing up as Noddy and Tessie Bear and she was really keen to get to work straight away while her brother napped. We gathered up the things we needed and began


We decided that the main thing she needed was Noddy’s blue hat with a bell at the end. Luckily we just happened to have a bell from a Lindt bunny kicking around since Easter (I knew I saved this stuff for a reason) While she coloured in using all the blue pens, crayons and pencils we could find, I explained to her that the prize would be some wonderful books to share with her brother. We are very fond of books in this house, not only because I believe you can never have too many books, but also because I am currently in the process of trying to get my own novel accepted with a literary agent. As well as telling me I couldn’t be the policeman in Noddy because ‘You’re a writer mummy, not a policeman’, Willow added that if we won, she would like to share some books with her school. I have to say, seeing your child show such kindness is the most wonderful feeling for any parent! I know she would have great fun choosing a large box of books to donate to her infant school.


One thing she has very obviously taken away from her year in reception is her ability to use scissors. I was really impressed! She stayed right on the lines and even managed the curvy bit around the tip of the hat. I can’t remember the last time I sat and watched her cutting out at home, but she definitely wasn’t as controlled as this.

With the hat made (and put straight on) we just had the bell to attach. Then it was on to making a washi tape bow for baby brother to wear.


I drew a very rough outline of the bow on some card, then Willow used some pink washi tape to fill in the white. It took a little bit of practice to tear the pieces long enough to actually cover the bow, but she got there in the end. Once that was done I cut out the bow and we stuck it to a very large elastic band (sorry Dylan – it was all we could find!) I tried it on to make sure it wouldn’t strangle him, and it seemed OK for the job (let’s face it – we weren’t about to send him out in this!)


So there we were – hat complete with bell and leaving blue smudges on anything it touched, pink bow made, costumes ready.. All we needed was unsuspecting Dylan to wake up from his nap. And almost on demand, he did!  We dashed out into the garden before he really knew what on earth was going on, and got our final photo.


Don’t they look awesome!

This post is an entry into the  #NoddyChallenge Book People blogger challenge.


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