About Me

MeI’m a..

Writer, crafter, mother, author, blogger and artist. This site is where I write about anything and everything.

If I were writing a quick introduction on a trendy new dating site (I won’t be meeting you there though as I’m happily married) I’d probably say something like ‘I’m like a big bag of pick ‘n’ mix’.  I just mean that I have interests all over the place, and don’t like to stick to any one flavour. This website was created so that I can write about anything and everything.

I started writing ‘blog posts’ waaaay back in 2005 – before I even knew ‘blogging’ was a thing. It was simply a way for me to write a sort of diary, while practicing my html. Yup – I hand coded every page! I’ve always been ‘writing about life’ – which is why this name has always stuck.

From there I began writing a book, and when I finished that I wrote another two more. My third (and only published book so far) is ‘101 Distractions from Depression‘ – written to help other people cope with the crippling effects of mental health illness. I set up a blog on the back end of my book’s website, but as more and more of my posts were about parenting, it didn’t seem right to have them hosted there.

When I became a mum in 2012, I set up another website to write reviews of things I’d found useful during pregnancy and as my daughter grew, but in the end I found it too complicated having so many sites with so many crossovers. This site incorporates all of my writing from all of these virtual locations.

My background is very much I.T. based, having worked in support for nearly 20 years, including a short stint behind the Apple Genius bar. However, I prefer to consider myself a writer, and have had articles published in several magazines, including Doctor Who magazine, Green Parent, Juno and Natural Health.

Along with reviewing various products and finding new ways to entertain my daughter, I also like drawing and sewing. I make and sell handmade cuddly blankets as Cheeky Cherry Crafts on this Facebook page, and am also working on an illustrated children’s book.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Sophie says:

    HI, just wanted to let you know I have really been enjoying your blog. So many of your posts ring bells with me. I am also a mummy to a toddler (and a 5 month old) and we also use cloth nappies. I love bumgenius but they are so expensive so I only have a couple in my stash. They are definitely the best. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and keep doing what you are doing. I totally get your post from 28th March! Sophie


    • sophiapayne says:

      Hi Sophie. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. It’s so nice to know that someone else knows how I feel! Ah Bumgenius nappies are addictive aren’t they. You should have a look at some of the Facebook groups to buy/sell/trade them – you might be able to grab a bargain or enter a raffle to win some. I won an Alicia that way, but am gutted to say that it is lost in the post from the US. 😦 I just had a look at your blog too and the slow cooker post is SO me! I love ours, and you are right – they do make you feel good about yourself. That reminds me that I need to dig ours out more! x


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